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As its name suggests, mobile dating app Tinder owes its bushfire global growth to a simple formula: Sexy photos, accompanied by salaciously written profiles, will get you a date anywhere. If you live in Southeast Asia and want to check mates out on your phone, Paktor is probably the dating app you are downloading.With six million users across Asian markets such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, the dating app is the biggest in the region.

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In a nutshell: Paktor’s founders know what Southeast Asians want. In addition to ascertaining age and gender, as well as location, which is what Tinder does so well, Paktor goes further.

Premium features allow Paktor’s Southeast Asian users to filter by country, height, occupation and education. If you don’t like dates who are likely to earn less money than you (it’s not hard to make an educated guess based on education and occupation), their profiles won’t show up on your app.

That may seem harsh, but Paktor says their research shows this is what matters to their users.

“Asians have very specific cultural and societal needs, especially when it comes to dating and romance,” says Joseph Phua, CEO of Paktor.

“Based on our research and existing knowledge within the market, we realized that these filters are exactly what the majority of our users are looking for.” Paktor’s success underscores one lesson for online entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia: Design a global technology platform, but use the app to localize, localize, localize. “The average number of profiles reviewed monthly has jumped from 300 million to 500 million in less than one year,” Phua claims.

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