Are jasmine villegas and jinsu dating

About her abuse you wanna know let me tell you Now as happy as this young couple looked little did we know he seemed like the perfect guy most girls said i want a relationship like Jasmine and Jinsu there so cute but behind everything he was controlling and abusive.For someone to abuse you they have to isolate you from your family and everyone that cares for you so you can’t get support that’s what he did he made her feel like everything was her fault.What did he do to abuse her Now that he has got her all alone he’s got what he wants young jinsu broke jasmine villegas mentally and Physically which is not ok.

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Young Jinsu had throwin a phone so hard at Jasmines head that she had to go to the hospital he also threw a table at her missed her and got the window yes he has probably done other stuff that we don’t know of .

This is what he has done to her does he feel guitly shamed to say but i dont think he does at all even after there break up he still keep tweeting about her he even made a fake page called the truthhurts to bully her and her mother trully obessed he is.

This girl has been stalked been sent death threats and now been abused she is so strong to speak up about it.

let me fill you in jasmine is a young female upcoming artist twitter you tube and so many love her she has over 80 Million viewers she is a very lovely bubbly person all the time has meet and greets with her fans she has a huge fan base each one of them stick by her when she finally came out and told us all about her story we were shocked i even cried If you not familiar with the story of Jasmine v.

Well let me tell you Jasmine Villegas was in a abusive relationship for about over a year.

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