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The Venus Butterfly is a term used for various sexual techniques, one of which being the subject of the 1988 book The One Hour Orgasm. Law titled "The Venus Butterfly", which first aired on November 21, 1986, a man who is unimpressive in appearance and personality, but who nevertheless has tremendous success with women, claims to have a sexual technique that has caused this success, and reveals it to his lawyer, Stuart Markowitz (Michael Tucker).

It was first publicly mentioned in a 1986 episode of the American television drama L. Law, although a technique of the same name appears in the book The Sensuous Woman, which was first published in 1969. The technique itself is never described to the audience.

In a hotel bedroom scene it is implied that Markowitz uses the technique on his girlfriend, Ann Kelsey (Jill Eikenberry), with great positive effect.

According to authors Tim Brooks & Earle Marsh, the Venus Butterfly was pivotal in Kelsey & Markowitz becoming a long-term couple.

The writer of that section of the episode, Terry Louise Fisher, stated that she had just made it up.

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