Classic dating mistakes women make

To do this, you need to do a little research to see what other people are being paid for the same job that you are doing or applying for, then ask for an equitable offer.

This may seem like a revolutionary idea, but a recent guest on my podcast said that she’s now actively sharing her salary with women in her close orbit. It's important that both spouses have a grasp on managing their finances, in case of any unexpected events that may occur.

The first thing you can do to get on board with managing your money is to understand these things: Work with your spouse to manage your finances and pay bills, so you are aware of your financial standing.

Even if you don't work, you are eligible for a spousal IRA.

The investment confidence gap between men and women is persistent and large, according to the financial firm Spectrum Group who has been measuring this issue since 2004.

More women than men consistently say that they’d sit on the investment sidelines and even when they are investing, they're more reluctant to invest in stocks and more likely to put their money in cash.

Everyone makes mistakes with money — it’s part of life. Nearly 30 percent of respondents to a survey said they were so nervous about seeking a raise that they couldn't ask.

Nearly 40 percent said they had "no idea" what they're doing when it comes to investing.

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