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Here’s the thing: Tiger Woods business isn’t anybody’s business! Many professional athletes have sympathy for Woods, too. Do you really want people to not care about your business Tiger (or Jason)?

However, Tiger Woods wouldn’t be Tiger Woods, if no one cared about his business! NFL football player, Jason Taylor, of the Miami Dolphins was in the locker room and saw ESPN running a tease about Woods. The reason why athletes and celebrities get mega-endorsement deals is because so many people are so emotionally invested in them.

There in lies the juxtaposition so many celebrities face. So many people do care about them and their business.

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If I love rapper 50 Cent then why shouldn’t I drink his Formula 50 beverage or buy Britney Spears perfume?

Growing up when I thought the NBA was a legitimate career option, I idolized Michael Jordan.

I drank Gatorade, got his sneakers and wore Air Jordan clothes.

I tried to look, dress and act like him when I played basketball because I wanted to be like him.

That’s why companies pay gazillions of dollars to celebrities. They buy and do what highly successful people tell them to do because they aspire to be like them. Ironically, one of my post popular posts “Why you shouldn’t hit the snooze button ever again, according to Tiger Woods“, includes an interesting nugget from him.

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