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friends that you are attracted to, that you flirt with and stay close to, so if in the future you're interested in hooking up there's the option to.this is very common while dating someone, and are usually the "just friends" that people cheat with.Lynn: he's in florida though, so he'll just be a back burner relationship, cause my attention is focused on Will.

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"Going Dutch" is a term that indicates that each person participating in a group activity pays for themselves, rather than any person paying for anyone else, particularly in a restaurant bill.

It is also called Dutch date, Dutch treat (the oldest form) and "doing Dutch".

There are two possible senses—each person paying their own expenses, or the entire bill being split (divided evenly) between all participants.

In strict usage, "Going Dutch" refers to the former, paying one's own expenses, and the latter is referred to as "splitting the bill", but in casual usage these may both be referred to as "going Dutch".

A derivative is "Sharing Dutch", which stands for having a joint ownership of luxury goods.

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