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This unit provides 4 autonomous MIDI inputs and 1 MIDI output.

Note this is a ‘proper’ MIDI Merger – all 4 MIDI inputs can be used at the same time, unlike other ‘designs’.

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It’s always worthwhile to take a glance at their website, as inevitably they have PICs at discounts you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

A purchase I made this week, was 5 PIC18F6620s – a 64-pin TQFP monster PIC – at only £2.00 per pop!

The intention here is to provide details of the schematic and photographs/advice on construction.

The PIC code will be discussed more fully on All source-code is provided in this post, together with Eagle project files for the printed circuit boards. Apart from the PIC and it’s crystal, the other main components are 4 6N138 opto-isolators, 5 on-board DIN sockets, a voltage regulator, and a few resistors.

I mounted the LEDs on a separate interface/indicator board, and the schematic for this is shown later. The complete Eagle project for the PCB is available for download.

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