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As a sex-advice columnist, I like to keep up with the latest books on gay sex.Given how obsessed gay men are with the subject, you'd think this category would be producing more titles than an automatic profile generator on Grindr, but it isn't.If you look at my list of the top 10 most popular gay-sex books on Amazon, you'll see that only one of the books was published in 2014. Take a look: Want to know what "Amazon ranking" means and how it translates to the number of books sold per day? You'll be able to look at any book on Amazon and estimate how many have been sold (a neat trick to impress your writer friends! Clearly, one of the main reasons has to do with innate knowledge.

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But when it comes to sex, men are from Pluto and women are from Narnia.

Their sexual plumbing couldn't be any more different, and because of that, men's ignorance could not be starker. You say "tomato" and I say "tomatoh," but we're still talking about the same vegetable (or fruit, depending on your politics or your botanical background).

That opens up (pun intended) a huge market to fill the void. We don't need to be told to do this or that for him, because we're doing it for ourselves.

It doesn't take much to understand that he's probably going to like what we do.

Still, gay men are men, and as the old Polish saying goes, "If there are tires or testicles, there will be trouble," meaning male ignorance knows no bounds and pride enforces silence.

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