Gender roles in dating

Specifically, contemporary American culture hates any indication that there are certain things that men should do but that women should not do.

So now we send nineteen year old girls, like Jessica Lynch, into battle.

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The frontal attack can be seen in the publication of systematically avoids masculine elements of language, even in texts that refer to the "Son of Man." So, for instance, rather than translating the Christological reference in Heb 2:6 as it should read, "what is man that you are mindful of him, the SON OF MAN that you care for him," the renders it, "what are mere mortals that you are mindful of them, HUMAN BEINGS that you care for them?

" The result is that a text that refers to the SON OF MAN, Jesus, cannot be read as alluding to Jesus' favorite self-designation.

Now Heb 2:6 can only be interpreted as referring to human beings.

Examples of this cultural drive to obliterate gender distinctions could be multiplied, but as we see from Genesis 1 and 2, gender is God-made not man-made. This sermon, titled "Gender Roles and the Glory of God," intends to connect the dots between gender and the display of God's beauty and genius.

As Christians, we must develop a biblical view of masculinity and femininity.

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