Is john edward still dating rielle hunter

Shortly after his confession, John and his late wife Elizabeth legally separated, and she passed away that December 7 after a 6-year battle against breast cancer.

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Rielle Hunter says she's unsure if she and John Edwards will wed one day, but she's forever grateful for him and for their daughter. After years of secrecy, Rielle - the mistress whose relationship with John ended his bid for the presidency and his marriage - is coming clean now. Rielle, whose book claims John had other affairs and paints his late wife as a bona fide crazy person, won't predict the future, however.

"I fell in love with a married man and became something I wasn't in order to be with him," Hunter tells details the couple's past ...

"I'm not a big fan of the institution but never say never." Hunter, 48, sees Edwards, 59, regularly in any case.

The National Enquirer is reporting that former presidential candidate John Edwards is engaged to be married to his long-time girlfriend, but Edwards has denied the report."John Edwards says the story is false," a source close to the former senator told Politico.

The Enquirer claims Edwards proposed to Rielle Hunter three weeks after the death of his former wife Elizabeth, the mother of Edwards' first four children who lost her battle with breast cancer in December.

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