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For those of you who are completely ready to submit and devote your lives to very stunning but very strict mistress.All our mistresses are very experineced when it comes to training up a pathetic week males they know every trick in the book and they know exactly when, where and how to train them to the highest of standards they require – Perfection!This domination phone sex really isn’t for the faint hearted, you must be certain that you are ready to give your life up to mistress because as soon as you do begin your journey mistress will own you, your mind & body, this is a very addictive domination sex chat line service our mistresses don’t fuck about in your training.

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Once in a mistresses grasp you are there for good, you will prove your devotion and commitment to her by doing what ever she so wishes, you will worship her, pleasure her if she requsts it, be her stupid petty little slave bitch.

Warning: Do not fuck with these mistresses they are not to be messed with, they are professionals and wont take no shit from no dumb fuck slave.

You are there for mistresses pleasure and mistresses useage only.

If you attempt to test your mistress and make her angry or upset in any way shape of form you will know what the expression don’t play with fire, or you WILL get burnt!!

There is no room for error, well there is, no body is the perfect slave from birth which is why we have top dog mistresses to train you to be the perfert bitch arse slave and do what ever needs to be done to make you fully submissive.

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